Even the lone wolf once ran in a pack.

It's not just grunting it out, it's about the finesse of the flow, picking your line, keeping your momentum..

See you out there, Neil 'X' McKinnon

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"I admit it, we're roadies at heart. We've organized some and ridden all the fondos from BC to NYC. Love Fondos. Fondos are great. Fondos matter and I'm still doing them... well the good ones at least.

"But, then my friends started riding off-road on gravel bikes. Yeah old guys, in their 40s and 50s. At first, I thought they just wanted new bikes, but then I joined them on my old hardtail, and got hooked...well not right away, because they cooked me on the hardpack. Then I got my own all road, off road, ride-everything gravel bike. And the bulb went off.

"Getting the gravel bike gave me so much more range of cycling options and extended the season into the shoulders. Comfort with the fatter tires on the road, ability to get off the road and onto gravel and dirt trails, away from cars, lights and urban cycling inconveniences. My adrenaline got turned on with the technical elements of natural obstacles and terrain...not crazy break your neck terrain, but varied meanderings through the forest. We got hooked on the camaraderie of the adventure.

"The skill set is higher... it's not just grunting it out, but it's about the finesse of the flow, picking your line, keeping your momentum. Besides being engaged mentally, it's a full body HIIT class. You end with a smile that's bigger than the smile after your first roller coaster ride.

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"So when the pandemic started, we retreated to the forest, and I say forest because that is where the magic happens. Tried the exclusive gravel roadways, and quite frankly found it boring (that's just another road ride but on dirt). What I loved was having it all. Some road to get there, some gravel to mix it up and crush you on the loose ascents, some switchback trail to fire your synapses, and as much dirt that you could get under your 40mm tires. Collectively, the full cycling experience.

"XFONDO is not an exclusive gravel cycling event, rather it's an adventure on all the terrain a bike can take you. It's a visceral experience, real and perceived with your new event buddies, sharing an experience that challenges all your skills.

"XFONDO will push you, but it won't hurt you. You'll get dirty, but not bloody. You'll pant, curse, and scream but finish with a shit eating grin that would worry your mother. Then you drink beer."


Roadies, gravel riders, people who name trees amongst their friends and anyone who likes to get their heartrate up a bit on two wheels.

XFONDO will challenge you. If you're comfortable with steep ups, plus winding and sometimes rocky descents, our events are the perfect fit.

PS - you might have heard of us as the creators of the award winning RBC GranFondo Whistler. XFONDO is not that, but it's the same pedigree running through our blood.

Let's cut straight to the chase: your best bet is a gravel bike. Lots of offroad capability, disc brakes, gears for ascending and grippy tires. 

Although we ride on road some of the time, your shiny aero bike weighing 400 grammes is not the equipment you want to bring.

Here, you ride everything. Road, gravel, dirt and trail. We haven't come across another event like it. This is the cycling equivalent of a dish that tickles all of your tastebuds in one bite. And trust us, you're gonna get hungry for more.

Safety is at the core of all our events, and COVID precautions are no different. We'll be closely following the Provincial Government of BC's guidelines pertaining to health guidelines, and will communicate clearly, consistently and in plain English no matter what comes down the pipe.


Are you man or mouse? Woman or wary? Do you conquer the hills or run for them?

We'll get you dirty but not bloody

XFONDO & The Resort Municipality of Whistler is grateful to be on the shared, unceded territory of the Lil’wat People, known in their language as Lil̓wat7úl, and the Squamish People, known in their language as Sḵwx̱ wú7mesh, and respects and commits to a deep consideration of their history, culture, stewardship and voice.

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